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Yoga Intensive

Deepen your yoga practice 

This course is based on the ancient system of Hatha Yoga and includes philosophy, breath work, meditation, yoga postures, and anatomy. We’ll explore current philosophy and knowledge of non-ordinary awareness, intuition and energy body ecology.  We will be informed and inspired to go deeper into our yoga journey. Course schedule to be announced.

Yoga Intensive
Yoga Intensive


Build a strong foundation in the practice of yoga, the whole of yoga, including breath work, meditation, posture, anatomy, yoga philosophy and cultivating intuition. Much attention will be placed on the posture and anatomy. The supplemental sections of the course will make our practice an informed practice. Ensuring that wherever your yoga path takes you, you will have built a solid foundation in yoga to augment good health and vitality.  

This course is designed for those who have been practicing yoga regularly and are practitioners of the beginning series of “Original Hot Yoga, 26 &2 or Bikram Yoga”.  It is ideal for those who have been through an online teacher training and haven’t had the opportunity to do posture clinics with in-person or hands-on teaching.


The course consists of three parts: a lecture, meditation and breathing, and posture clinics. 

The lecture portion of this class contains anatomy, philosophy & Intuition sections.  We will be learning both Western and Eastern anatomy.  We’ll explore why we do yoga, the foundation on which it stands, the path to self discovery, and the innate healing capabilities of the body and mind.  The Intuition section delves into the cultivation of non-ordinary awareness and energy body ecology, and provides practical tools for allowing grace to flow through your physical system.

Yoga Intensive
Yoga Intensive


The meditation and breathing section outlines several styles of meditation and how to practice them, and offers an exploration of normal breathing and specific breathing techniques.

The yoga postures section goes more in depth into anatomy, kinesiology, alignment, and more.  These clinics offer the opportunity for hands on adjustments, and more. 

Each class begins with an approximately one hour lecture, followed by a 15 min breathing or meditation class and a posture clinic.

The goal of this intensive is to assist you to develop a deeper understanding of yoga, build a strong personal practice and gain tools for living a life with more ease.


26 & 2 Teacher Training

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Yoga Intensive