As a teacher and a practitioner of hot yoga, I encourage a strong connection to the awareness of breath.

It took me many years of practice before I truly realized how important this is. What finally dawned on me was that if I could control my breathing I could then exert influence over my body and eventually over my mind, as well. I have devoted myself to regular practice for many years and every time I step into the room I am grateful for the chance to do so. I first encountered this yoga in 2007 after a friend challenged me to get through one single class. That first class was tough and life-changing because I quickly sensed that this yoga, this specific set of postures in this specific environment, would help me heal and keep my body healthy for the rest of my life. So I went back and have been going back regularly since that time and love the yoga journey that has unfolded over the years. As a teacher now, I draw inspiration from the focus and dedication that I see from our students every day in the room.